Excerpt and Annotate buttons


I really find Marginnote useful for my research papers.

After the latest update (about a month ago) the UI has changed where Excerpt and Annotate are two separate “sections” where you click on one and its tools pops up. Previously all tools where constantly visible. As I underline not-so-critical information (Excerpt) and highlight and draw (Annotate) more critical information I need to constantly switch between the two. The new separate sections buttons lead to an extra selection step with is unpleasant (as I do it more than 50 times a day).

There are multiple icons in the toolbar which I very rarely use that could be grouped together to make space for all the icons and decrease constant selection.

I think I may be bastardizing the Excerpt function to act as an annotating feature, but it allows me a deeper level or annotating coding. If this is the case then I would ask that underline be part of the Annotate section to decrease constant selection.

I prefer to using Horizontal flip rather than Vertical Scroll as it gives me the feel of a book and helps me keep track of how far I am. I find it unpleasant to constantly have to go to the top of the page to change between Excerpt and Annotate. Could the toolbar optionally be moved to the side (or at a customization location) of the page when using Horizontal flip?