Excerpt highlights in Mac vs. iPad

Dear Sir / Madam,

I’m trying to highlight my text I have typed into a comment below the excerpt.

I’ve attached a video; - YouTube

Here I show how easy breezy it is to do on my iPad.
So I assume the Mac version is gonna be pretty straight forward too, after all the Mac’s got a richer OS. Whatever I should be able to on the iPad I assume I gonna easily be able to do on the Mac MN.

Yet you see this is not really so. For a start the options to set the text are hidden in some Format/Text menu bar item or else in a Font right-click menu. And when I do reach it the command to set the background isn’t working. Interesting, because I can set some fancy font shadow options, and it works lovely but making a background color is impossible.

Strange because I would have thought the Mac version would have more of a versatile feature set than the iPad MN; but it seems like it’s a little bit the other way. It seems more like the Mac version’s got the economy class feature set and the iPad’s got first class with contextual toolbars you don’t even have to go digging around for.

Pablo Contreras.