Export as PDF with my annotations

Hi everyone,

I’ve tried the various exporting options (“Export all pages”, “Export right margin” etc.) but I cannot make MarginNote 3 export my annotations in a way that allows other apps to use them. Please help!

I have a library of PDF books in my cloud storage and I import them into MarginNote 3 to read them and add notes and highlights etc. Once I’ve finished annotating them in MarginNote 3, I then want to be able to put them back into my cloud library for long-term storage (all full of my thoughts and highlights). I also want to be able to open them (and access my annotations) in other apps so that I can share them with people who don’t have MarginNote 3.

I’m failing to make this happen though. When I try to export my PDFs from MarginNote 3 into, say, Adobe Acrobat I cannot access my annotations in a normal way.

I’ve tried “Export all pages” without “Export right margin” and what happens is that my highlights (along with the annotation box symbol) are baked into the PDF text and the comment has totally vanished - and nothing is clickable or editable. I’ve also tried it with “Export right margin” and what happens is I get an altered (squashed) version of my book with my notes baked into an image of a right margin - again, nothing is clickable: I can’t interact with anything and show/hide comments.

What I’m wanting is to simply export the book I’ve finished reading as a normal PDF with comments and highlights that I can interact with when I open it in any other PDF reader.

Please help me understand how

In the search and outline section under study there is a button to expand notes to show comments at the bottom of the section. If you expand they will be expanded upon exporting to PDF.


Regarding links in the PDF make sure you’re your PDF reader isn’t blocking them you may have to do a right mouse click (option+ left mouse) to open them. Unfortunately, the links go back to Marginnote and not the page within the PDF document. I hope they add this feature.