Export only one document


I have been reading the forums and looked through all the export articles, but still haven’t found one that would tell me how to export only one file.

I’m working with several documents at the same time but I’d like to export only the mindmap and one of the PDFs, where I did my annotations. Is that possible?

Hello, Grisel,

Welcome to the MarginNote Forum. MarginNote 3 provides users two ways to export PDFs. One is to export original document. Another is to export document with annotations. Please follow these steps to export PDFs with annotations.

  1. Go to document mode if you are in study mode.
  2. tap on “…” which is in the top right.
  3. click “export” and select “export in PDF format”, then you are able to export all pages with your annotations.

If you want to export a mindmap, please tap on the export button in the study mode. You can easily export the mindmap in different formats.

Thank you, Bryan. It is not quite there were you said but I was able to find it. It actually has its own export button on the left side of the screen. Thank you!