EXPORT options - columns for the data


I’d like to request a more preferable export OPML layout -

I would like columns for individual components:

  1. Title
  2. Note (highlighted section)
  3. Comments (which should maintain their highlight colour - which I’d like back please!)
  4. Tags
  5. Book Title
  6. Page Number
  7. URL

This would make export to software like Tinderbox much more effective. It would also make export to Omnioutliner easier to navigate for people like me with dyslexia and visual attention problems - I need to really focus where my eyes need to be :slight_smile:


Ditto that!

I’ve just been in touch with some of the users who help the Tinderbox development team, and they keep saying that there are thee main problems with getting Tinderbox & MarginNote to work together:

  1. The lack of a CSV or Tab-delim exports – as well as the quality of the exports themselves (e.g., titles & the text body are sometimes merged into the same note area instead of being separate – though some MarginNote exports create better separations than others, like Word or sometime RTS formats; OmniOutliner less so);
  2. The lack of a UID in MarginNote-annotated files – and, by extension, the notes they create;
  3. The inability to click on MarginNote-created URL for documents & notebooks that are off-line (i.e., off the iCloud and archived in some way);

These are the main problems. Once they’re solved, the folks at Tinderbox think they’ll be able to create better inter-app functionality with MarginNote.