Export to anki, whitout double question

hello, I love the application, but I want to ask you that in future updates please, when exporting to anki, it looks like the MN2 format.

for some reason the MN3 algorithm (when exporting to anki a card has 2 sides - it asks (the card title in MN3) & the answer (underlined)), it has the title (same as MN3) but in the answer , always, always, the question is copied in the answer, (and this by default, “pasted”, that is, it is not that the format code of the letter is wrong, in the back, only this back, backcloze etc. ,.

!]) image image image

but it turns out like this in each file with a title and removing it manually is tedious, so I have chosen to have to go through some summaries that urge me to study MN2 to be able to see the cards properly in anki.

Please, I beg you, if you fix that, it would be more than perfect, everything works excellent when combined with anki, the cloze deletion in images I love it, and also the cloze in questions, but really, I need to ask questions with an answer, and change The color of each and pass them to MN2, it is very late.

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  • 1 for this!!!
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