Exported pdf text selection problem + Cannot extract notes with Zotero

Hi, I was really happy to see pdf export function and it worked quite well.
The pdf looks ok but, for there’s a problem with two-column text selection in the exported pdfs.
Here’s a video illustrating the problem:

It seems as if the pdf contained an artificial divider rectangle that get permanently selected in Preview and the only way to get around is, is to open the document again.
On the second thought, this might be a problem with Preview, because it works great in pdfPenPro.

Second problem I’ve encountered is the inability to extract notes with Zotero…
This is a real bummer because I’ve expected it to work smoothly with pdf.js extractor, but it doesn’t work with it nor Poppler… but I could also forget about all this if there was an option to a single .html-like file containing all the notes in nice uniform font (for some reason the text is in different sizes when using rtf).
Can I count on such a simple feature?


Thanks for your detailed suggestion. The PDF export is a huge problem, and we are still seeking for ways to improve it. Depending on how well our technological experiments will go, this should be improved in the near/not-near future. Your suggestion regarding exporting to HTML has been noted and sent to the development team. However, it is not a top priority for now so I cannot assure you when will it be implemented.

Kind Regards,
Support Team