Exporting pdf with audio notes

hey !
i ’ m an educator, I use margin note 3 to help DSA children and. children with different kind of problems in learning I’m really interested in create mindmaps from books that children can touch and listen to my reading as audio notes I’m asking if it would be possible to export pdf mind maps wich include audio notes it’ll be a real crack for help in learning children (you click on the map and the map read automatically the text with the recorded voice of the teacher) I used a lot of mind mapping softwares and no-one implemented that help …maybe an Italian app but with a really basic platform and only on windows system pleaseeeee I don’t think it would be so difficult to add that

Hello,Makkimo. What do you think is the downside of using marginnote directly for a presentation?

I have sent your request to our development team. We will consider and implement user requests, possibly in the form of plug-ins, but we cannot guarantee when. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help further.