Exporting video notes as PDF, images not appearing in PDF

I’m giving notes to a video-file and exporting them as a PDF. The annotated frames appear in the mindmap but not as a list.
Previously I got around this by emphasising the video file in document mode first, but now this option is greyed out.
Any help ?

It would be amazing to have more control over what is exported as PDF in general. For example which documents from the study-mode are exported etc.


I am not sure I catch your

Could you be more specific? Any screenshot/recordings would help.

And yes there is much for us to do in exporting PDFs - not only the compatibility& size of exported PDF, but also some more open customisations. We are working on that.

Thank you for your support.

QSD - Support Team

Sorry for being unclear earlier. Maybe this screenshot of the PDF (output from margin note) will clarify. List of notes on the second page doesn’t have images from the video.

Previously this was working. But only if the video was emphazised in document mode.



Hello, there is indeed a problem ~ I will feedback

Kind Regards,
Support Team