I see the option for extensions. Where do I access the extension options? and how do I install them. Thanks

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Sofar the question is still open… So i assume, that extensions are possible but, not really supported. Because it could interfere with other updates and rollouts of Marginote?

unfortunately this forum is not very active even thought it is a great software.

Actually there are extensions available and found one to be useful. You find them by going into menu bar and going into files/extension/ and in the pop up there is a faint writing at the bottom of popup. It is clickable and takes you here https://forum.marginnote.com/c/Script/Mod

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with a little help I found out how it works:

there are some extensions/addons available. They work for IOS and MAC.

  1. You find extensions here: https://forum.marginnote.com/c/Script/Mod

  2. Download the mnaddon-files/ open the files in the ios-browser, choose Marginnote3 to open this file…

  3. After that the Addon/Extension will appear in the 3…dot- area, in Extensions.

  4. need to restart

thank you!