Feature like litmaps

Just saying, if marginnote had a feature to visualize papers like http://litmaps.co that would be remarkable

Can u tell us more about your workflow in litmaps ?
How do u manage the papers you downloaded ?

I use researchrabbit, it’s forever free and unlimited, I love the UI. I use it to find papers, manage them in DevonThink, bring them into MarginNote when I want to seriously grok them and that is where their journey ends. I do often bring my MN notes back into DevonThink or, if I’ve gotten thought of anything new then that information goes into Obsidian. The only tools that cost anything are MarginNote and DevonThink.

I’ll sometime backlink from Obsidian/DevonThink to MarginNote when I’m actively working on something but more often than not I never need to use those links.


Hop to the front of the waitlist with an institutional email addy and code: gQZpDmK

It’s free and in my opinion, fun as heck to use when looking for papers.