Feature request - Don't flatten annotations on export

Really enjoying my experiments with MN, but am very nervous about being essentially trapped within any single application. I realize a lot of the neat cross-document functionality is lost when exporting a single PDF. But, if the annotations aren’t flattened, one’s efforts in annotating a pdf can be carried over into other parts of my ecosystem. For example, I keep my PDFs–currently just highlighted in acrobat, in a bibliography managers (EndNote or BibDesk, depending on what’s caught my fancy most recently).

Thanks for the consideration.


Hi ghoetker,

At present, MN3 is designed with Documents and Notebook independent of each other.
Notebook containing Annotation and Excerpt has its own file format which is not fully compatible with Standard PDF. In the future, we will improve the integration with standard PDF.

By the way, MN3 now supports import the standard PDF annotations by other APPs like acrobat etc. and transform to MN’s notes.

Kind regards,
Support Team