Feature request: google drive sync

Hello everyone and the development team,

Don’t know if I’m alone, but I don’t believe so.

I use bibliography software Papers, and save all my readings on google drive (I believe some people save all on dropbox or onedrive), so it would be lovely to be able to sync everything together, and not keeping duplicate copies.

Is here the right place to post such feature request?

Thank you.



That’s definitely a missing feature!!!


As a university student with free access to google drive/ Box, adding the support for syncing this files will definitely be helpful

You can create a Dropbox or Drive folder, login to it with the Files app, and have its contents be accessible.

This is not the same as two-way sync, but at least it is a start.


+1 for google drive / dropbox

Google drive please ^.^

I couldn’t agree more. Google Drive and Dropbox are a must.

Hi everyone,

I hope MN3 could Support Webdav Sync and all your requests achieved as various of CloudDrive is supported by Webdav. Meanwhile, we love Google Drive, Dropbox. But you know, in the Apple platform, the iCloud sync SDK is Easiest to implement and repair. For example, Notability has big and powerful Dev. Team, but still only support icloud sync. Need to be clear, sync is diffirent from backup. as backup to any cloud is simple but sync technique is very complex.

Even now,MN3 icloud sync has many problem to be repaired. We expect to give you guys a perfect icloud sync experience first and then try to add others.

Else,If you just need a backup tool to save files in Dropbox or Google Drive, this is easy to achieve.And already put into our suggeest board.

Best regards,
MN Support Team

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Not necessary sync, but just to be able to upload and download will do. I don’t have to pay monthly on my own server space. ty for the clarification :slight_smile:

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It would also be really nice to have read access to Google Drive without necessarily downloading the files.

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