Feature request: Import of Microsoft Word files


Dear MarginNote team,

are there any plans to enable the import of Microsoft Word files instead of PDF only?

Greetings - you guys did great work,


The way to do this for me is to Export the word document as PDF using the Word app (or Print as PDF if you are using a Mac). Unfortunately, this does add another step but at least it enables your documents to be imported.


That’s the way I do it too. However, that is always one step more than it could be.

For educaters MarginNote has to compete against Apps like liquidtext where you are able to load pdf as well as docx files.

The workaround with converting PDFs to docx first, is always one argument against MarginNote, when talking to colleagues.

Such an app needs the best usability as possible.



Wouldn’t docx files needed to be converted to PDF anyway, for annotations?