Feature Request - Reader View

When posting/sending website links into MN3, my preference is to view the web page in reader view, please make this a new feature.

About reading mode.
Based on my test,Safari in the IpadOS using inner print to pdf(zoom in in print preview)could create reading mode pdf. I don‘t know if it work for IOS12. Have a try.

I know Safari creates reader view (I now use IpadOS now too) but I wanted a shortcut for this action in MN to make it quicker.

Just reread your response I am not talking about print preview but reader view.

Webpages imported into MN should be shown in reader view.

Will send an example later.

Ok , I understand MN have to optimize this. :blush:

My input is about a workflow to create webpage in reader view and import to MN. The printer is using for create PDF. And then use share, it could be import to MN. Its an alternative means by far.

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I tested this before and there is no share button available via print preview?

Reader view and highlighting content in yellow, as it spoken would be a star workflow.

It‘s a hidden function. Needs to zoom in by two fingers in the preview area.

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Oh it works! BRILLIANT, now for highlighting words as they are spoken would be excellent too, please.

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What are the other hidden features, like you using IpadOS.

Yes, there are many. But I’m not sure if it will be changed when formal release coming. So why not talk about it when Sep. coming.

Funny example:
The way to access USB storage for 3rd-party applications,as apple ban it.