[Feature Request] Rich text in note comment

Right now MN only supports plain text in the note comment, could we add support of rich text there?

For my usage of note (and I believe lot of others is doing the same):

  • title is the summary, which is normally very short
  • body is the excerpt from original document
  • comment is the my own understanding/para-phrasing of the excerpt. It could be long sometimes, and I’d like to have the ability, e.g. to use colors to highlight some important parts of it.

I also want to be able to add dot points and change the font etc (auto dot points for each comment would be NICE) Its kinda hard to distinguish the merged sections

Also a highlighting bolding italicising etc

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Hi lins,

Now Rich Text in comment is supported in MN 3.5.

Best Regards,
Support Team

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Hi Lanco_Support-Team,

Thanks for adding this ability to change the text in a note to rich text.

I was wondering if it would be possible to develop this function further by adding a toolbar in the actual comment window/box. This could be toggled off and on if it is preferred.

The way this function exists means that you have to search within too many menus for each part of the text you want to change - Type in text > Select text > Select “Format” in Menu Bar > Select “Format” in sub-menu > Select “Bold” or “Italic”, and so on.

Hoping you can come up with a solution. Great software, by the way. It has become the best out there! :slight_smile: