Feature Request - Sync and Backup Notes to a Third Party Cloud Drive

It is a big shortage of MN4 that it can’t sync and backup all its data (including documents, notebooks, reviews, etc) automatically to a cloud drive other than iCloud (like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc).
In contrast, many other softwares support this feature, like OneNote and Notability (Notability supports dual backup: it both uploads the notes to iCloud and a third party cloud drive).
The advantages of a third party cloud disk backup are as follows:

  1. One may have more storage spaces in third party cloud drives. For example, I have 1TB storage space in OneDrive because of the subscription of my institution, but it can’t be used to save the data of MN4. Instead, the data of MN4 is uploaded to the mere 50GB space of my iCloud, making my iCloud usually “almost full”.
  2. One may prefer another cloud drive instead of iCloud.
  3. I think it is crucial to save a copy of the backup data of MN4 offline. This way, I can still recover my notes even if my iPad/MacBook is stolen and all data saved in iCloud is maliciously deleted. However, data uploaded to iCloud can’t be downloaded and saved offline (i.e. can’t be saved as a file in a hard disk). So to produce offline backups, I have to manually export the backup file periodically.

Many other users have requested this feature for a few years. But nothing has been done yet.



Received your suggestion, has been recorded, thank you very much!

Kind Regards,

Support Team