Feature request: Undo while editing excerpt comments

Hi, MarginNote 3 is awesome. One thing I find missing is the ability to undo pencil strokes while editing a handwritten excerpt comment. If I’m annotating a PDF with the pencil, I can undo the recent pencil strokes with the main undo button. But this does not work while editing an excerpt comment. There, I have to use the eraser tool or the selection tool and delete my recent handwriting if I make a mistake. Not a big deal, but undo would be much more convenient. Thanks and keep up the great work! – Adam

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Hi lyon,

Glad to see you! And thanks for very thoughtful suggests. You could try to use
CMD + Z for undo,CMD+SHIFT+Z for redo and see if works. These two shortcuts is Apple universal.

Kind regards,
Support Team

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, I typically don’t have my keyboard attached to the iPad (sorry if I wasn’t clear that this problem is on the iPad) when I’m using the pencil. Is there a way to access those commands without the keyboard?

I’m using the iPadOS 13 public beta and there are new undo/redo gestures (swipe left with three fingers or double tap with three fingers for undo, swipe right with three fingers for redo). Those do not work at all in MarginNote 3 with handwriting with the pencil … not for annotation and not for excerpt comments.

I have to test. Later notify this thread.

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Great! Thanks. I’m happy to help test if you’d like.

I’m on iPad OS 13 Public Beta 5 (Developers Beta 6) as well if it is of any help.

Latest MN version on IpadOS devloper beta.
Works well…

Terrific! Thanks so much. I look forward to the public release. – Adam

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It’s released and it works! Thanks very much for adding this very convenient feature so quickly!! - Adam

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