FeatureRequest: Insert blank documents


I’m loving the new insert blank page feature. However I would love it even more if there was a way to insert a blank document in a folder. Thus taking ‘in class’ notes.

Just a thought.


In MN’s design, notes are not tied to any document. You can simply create a new notebook, and don’t choose anything when MN prompts you to choose documents for that notebook.

As a side note, even if you start with that way, I think for real world use cases you would always end up adding documents (e.g. webpages) to the notebook.

Hi JonGretar,

Welcome new to the forum!

Got your suggestion. It will be considered after the improvement of Handwriting. Since I feel the exiting Handwriting is so hard to move people using MN as a pen book.

By the way, blank outliner is supportted by far.

Support Team