FIle Formats? PDF vs. ePUB

Why would I choose to use either PDF or ePUB? Does Marginnote 3 handle them any differently?


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It really depends on what the book format you already have on hand.
MarginNote 3 supports PDF and ePub just like Kindle supports mobi and azw.
Personally, I would recommend that if you use the PDF version if you have both PDF and ePub format for one particular book. The PDF tools are just more robust/diversified than that of the ePub text-selection tool.


Agreed with Root - ePUB format only allows you to highlight text, an no advanced annotation markings like handwriting. The thing about ePUB is that it’s a dynamic - you can change the font size, etc., so annotations have no way to link themselves to any changes in the text. PDFs are static, so much more can be done.

ePUB would be fine if all you needed were auto-mind map creation and highlighting.

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I prefer pdf format, and I would convert EPUBs to pdfs by calibre.

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