Filter all selected area based on hastag


I have 38 files that are over 3000+ pages of and I need to pull out certain pages, categorize them, and then go through them one by one and make notes.

Every-time I select an area in margin notes it allows me to add it to a mind map but it’s the mind map of that pdf document and not some generic that I can put all of my notes from all of the documents.

I’m so confused by the application and it’s UX. How can outline pages, and extract them to go into a specific area?

P.S. making your documentation online and no in the mind mapping within your app would actually make things easier. All the videos that are online to walk through things are 40 minutes long by users that don’t know how to use specific features of the app. Just make walk through of basic things online but i know not everyone is going to agree with me on this but making your tutorial in your app when user is trying to learn your app is not that helpful.

Edit: when I add a document to a workspace I can not remove it but adding over 38 different workspaces it starts making the app really lag. Is there a way around this?