Folders vs Categories

How are folders different than categories? Are folders representative of iCloud folders whereas Categories metadata only?

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I’ve asked the very same question.

I’m trying to understand the functional difference between Folders & Categories, and have submitted this question to MaginNote support.

Yes, folders are representative of iCloud folders and OS folders, you could locate these folders in your OS. Categories are just like tags.

So, one could still ostensibly use folders to mark which topical documents go – or even to prioritize certain documents. In other words, it seems like one could still use folders almost in the same way one uses tags – as far as delineation, correct?

sure , you can use folder in same way with tags. One difference is that a file can only belong to one folder, but it can be linked to multiple tags.

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One of the great benefits of MarginNote, in my opinion, is the ability to use categories/tags for organization, rather than a sequential folder structure. What I would REALLY like is if those categories/tags would actually be macOS or iOS tags to the file itself. THAT would be super cool, because then those files could be used more easily by other apps.


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Based on my understanding of folders & categories, I’m using categories to label files’ subject matter and I’m using folders as a way of organizing my files by priority or work process (e.g., Urgent, Hight, Medium or To Process, To Export & File, etc.). Does that sounds like a proper way to use the MN system of folders & categories?

Here’s another suggestion / request…

I love the way that MN allows labels files with categories. It would be great if MN could also affix some kind of folder-label to files as well. Hope you’ll consider this suggestion / request…


I might file another post about this, but wanted to alert MN that I’ve discovered that the folders I’ve set up are not syncing between the Mac and iOS platforms. It’s become a problem…