For Mac, would re-arranging files and folders from Finder affect existing notes?

Currently I’m trying to re-arrange my Documents folder for Marginnote, and what I’m currently doing is moving documents that have notes thru Marginnote, and then moving most of the files that don’t have notes into folders thru Finder since it’s faster.

So now I’ve tried it with one epub, created a tiny mindmap with it. Exited the app, and then moved the location of this epub to another folder.

Surprisingly for me, the study notebook still found it with all annotations intact and vice versa! Does this mean that Marginnote is file name sensitive throughout the Documents folder instead of being file path dependent?


Hello, if you have created a brain map notebook, you will notice that Marginnote’s notebooks are combined with documents in a “bundled” way. This means that as long as the documents are not deleted from Marginnote, they can be viewed in the notebook.

Kind Regards,
Support Team