Freeform mindmap?

I’m still bouncing between MarginNote and LiquidText. I love the annotation / note building of MarginNote but find the mindmap way too structured. It seems to be the only way I can place topics where I want them rather than autoarranged into strict grids us to place them outside of any group, is that right? But then if I create links between topics (rather than parent child relationships which again placed them in a strict arrangement) the topic notes replicates those of the linked topic, which isn’t what I want.

Any way round this, please?

Hello, JKF

Yes, if you create a link between two topics, it’s a two-way link by default. And like what you have mentioned, the topic notes replicates the linked topics, which allows users to review mindmap cards in a more convenient way.
I’m not quite sure which link method you prefer, could you please explain your idea in detail? Thanks.


Thanks Bryan

What I really want to achieve is to be able to place topics in the workspace where I want them to be rather than them being auto arranged into strict grid.

Hello, JKF,
I think hand shape tool can solve the problem.


I’m not sure. That’s still showing out being added as a child and therefore being auto positioned right next the parent in a neat layout.

I want / need to be able to createbetween topics but to be able to place them in the workspace whether I want them. Free layout rather than auto layout.

Thanks for the information provided. Finally, I think I understand your thoughts.
Yes, you’re right. There is no free layout in MN3.