Frequent Crashing on Mac OS 10.11


I downloaded the program from MN3 website before I seriously purchase the program. I currently use MN3 in IOS.

Macbook Pro Mid2014
OS Version: 10.11.6 (15G1611)

Each time when I open the program I got the black screen and the program crashes just 1-2 seconds later. But when I try MN2 it works perfectly.

I attached whole crash report as text file. I would appreciate if you turn back to my post. Thanks in advance.

Crash Report.txt (96.5 KB)

I sent an email to MN3 suport team. Their share their solution in below;




Under these two directories.

Delete the file “QReader.MarginStudyMac.plist”. the app should start.
After that you can turn off the metal handwriting engine.

Update: Unfortunately didn’t work. Each time when I delete “QReader.MarginStudyMac.plist” it appeared again, that’s endless. I wait from them further support. Added some more crash files.

Crash3.txt (79.1 KB) Crash2.txt (78.5 KB) Crash1.rtf (85.5 KB)

Unfortunately Margin Note 3.6.14 doesn’t work with Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan), please find email of Support Team in below. However I tried MN 3.5.9 and 3.5.2 and they didn’t work. Hope they will fix the problem with upcoming version. :crossed_fingers: