From Split Mode to Document Mode and vice versa


I am using MN 3 on the iPad and have some issues with the split view.

I have the split view open with the same document. One for reading the main text and another one for looking up the sources or annotations that are at the end of the book.

  1. My first problem is, that I have problems to pick which page to open in document mode. sometimes I want the main text. sometimes I want the sources/annotations. Usually it opens the window that lies below in split mode.

  2. When I am in Document mode and make my markings, comments, excerpts etc. and return to study mode. I return to the page that has been opened initially and not the one that I had open last in document mode. Is this intended? Can I change it?

Thank you

Hello, tangyzizzle,
Welcome to the MarginNote forum. Thanks for the information provided.
For the first question, I think you are right.(I’m sorry that I didn’t notice it til you create this post)
For the second question, this design is for the preference of some users and MN3 doesn’t provide its users with one option to change it.