Full Screen Mode

Please make a full screen mode so that we can fully use screen size for reading.It’ll significantly increase the area of pdf . I’ve a small screen ipad and Font gets too small in portrait mode. IF YOU CAN ADD FULL SCREEN with floating toolbar that’ll be best. I have one more suggestion please add a default zoom and area of focus option for pdf. It’ll be helpful for those pdf which have un necessary big margins .
Thank you

On the iPad in Study mode you can drag the <•> icon (near the bottom of the dividing line between the mind map and your document) all the way to the left and you will effectively be in full screen mode. I do this when I’m using split screen all the time for the same reasons you might use it on a small screen.

Regarding your second point, if you two finger zoom and use one finger to scroll, your zoom doesn’t change so it is, in essence, fixed and completely customisable since you can always two finger to change the zoom.

Does that satisfy your needs?