Full screen

Hello MN Team!

I’ve been using MN3 for almost two years on a MacBook and on an iPad Pro.

UX is great, but I would like to suggest a tiny update to improve the reading experience on the iPad while in full screen.

When you hide the toolbar to read a document in full screen, there is a misused line on the top of the screen, where it used to show time, day and battery statuses. However, it is just “blank”, as no content appears in it while scrolling a doc (pdf, epub, etc.).

Why not showing doc content here? It’s just kind of a let down when you see this “first row” of the screen empty! Couldn’t it show the constant as all other sides of the screen do? This issue doesn’t happen in the bottom of the screen or in any side, left or right.

It also doesn’t happen if you are scrolling in a mind-map notebook, where you get a true full-screen experience and the entire screen shows content.

Best, L

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