Global notes/annotations database (like QDA software)

I take quite a lot of notes across hundreds of PDFs, and it can sometimes be difficult to remember where I took a particular note, or to view all of my notes and annotations quickly.

It would be quite useful to have a global notes database where I can view all the notes and annotations I have made in MarginNote, and sort/filter them by hashtags, documents, keywords, date created, etc.

This is a feature found in Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) software like NVivo, MaxQDA, and Atlas.ti, but those programmes are not nearly as convenient when it comes to highlighting PDFs. If MarginNote had an effective system for accessing your entire database of Notes, that would make it the ultimate piece of database software.

Thanks for your post. I think you share a same idea with these devoted users. Global notes/annotations database (like QDA software)
However, in MarginNote 3, we may not consider it as an important function, please wait for MarginNote 4.:upside_down_face:

That does sound exciting. Do you know how long it will be until MarginNote 4 arrives?

Hello, Aurelius,
Sorry to reply to you so late. MN4 was originally expected to be developed this summer´╝î but as you know, there are lots of problems and feature requests need to be solved and implemented, so we may delay the development of MN4.