Handwriting OCR - what does it do?

Hi, What does the “Handwriting OCR” button do (iPad, MargineNote 3.7.4)? See the image below.

For me on my iPad, if I tap it the “Copy/Handwriting OCR” buttons disappear and then nothing happens. What is supposed to happen? It’s not filling the copy buffer because a later Paste does nothing too.

I’m confused here. I do have the OCR Pro (Handwriting OCR showed up after I subscribed).

What is this supposed to do? Thanks! – Adam

I wonder why it would use Handwriting OCR rather than Apple’s built-in Scribble.


Thank you for your Scribble suggestion. We will be working on it soon.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

I also don’t understand what the “Handwriting OCR” option does - I click it on my handwritten text and nothing happens…

Has anybody worked out what it does yet?