Handwritten comments not attached to paragraph?


How can I write handwritten comments that are not referring to a specific bit of text? Eg I want to add a comment relating to the whole page rather than a paragraph?

Currently I double tap in the margin to bring up a comment box, tap the ‘add comment’ at top to open it as a comment ‘window’, choose the ink and not down my comment… but it disappears when I tap ‘done’.

The only way I can get it to stay in the margin is to add in a type written comment first, which isn’t always what I want to do. If I had to type anything to make it stuck, I would prefer this to be the title field, but this doesn’t stick either.

Any tips?


Both of these recommendations work for me using the iPad version of MN.

  • Attach the note to the page number.

  • Create a drawing object at the top of the page and attach the note to it.



Thank you. I’ll try that