Help exporting documents from study book with MindMaps

Hi. I created a study group for a law exam. However, the group has over 40 documents. It has different subjects, so MindMaps linked to documents are separated by subject. It has become so large that it’s too hard to find documents and link notes so want to break it into several groups by subject.

However, I don’t know how I can export documents with their mindmaps, links and notes from this study group into a new one without having to reenter everything.

Thanks for your help with this!

One way to approach it:
First, select the nodes to be separate into a new study group


Or you can just cut/paste into a new study group.

I think in both ways you get the documents associated to the nodes imported into the new study group.

Hope it helps,

Thanks. However, How do I export to another MindMap from an ipad? I can’t find that option.

Here is the full process


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