Help using websites in Projects?

Hi. I am taking several online art classes and therefore have a lot of website links I need to be able to access in relation to different topics. (Example: For Class A, I have the main page with the list of requirements and syllabus, I have individual pages for each lesson that have the demonstration videos, etc.)

What I want to do is somehow add links directly to each page to the node where I have my notes and observations per lesson. However, I can’t figure out how to insert a link. I’ve attempted to use the link icon in the menu that pops up on a node, but all it does is put the icon on top of the node, which then disappears as soon as I click on it.

Please help?


I may be wrong (and hope somebody who really knows will comment), but I don’t see that MarginNote has complete support for URLs. The Link button on the popup menu for individual notecards is for linking notes together in the mind map. It’s for connecting nodes in the mind map, not for linking to web sites.

You can enter a URL into the comment section at the bottom of a notecard, and then highlight that and pick Make Link from the right-click menu. You can then double-click on the link text to open a web site. However, MarginNote doesn’t give the link any emphasis (e.g., blue + underlining), so it’s not obvious that it’s really a link.

The Make/Remove/Copy/Edit… Link menu picks are part of macOS, I believe, but MarginNote doesn’t seem to fully support them. You might post a feature request for this in the appropriate section of the forum, though I wouldn’t hold my breath for this anytime soon.

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