Highlighting notes but not adding them to Mindmap

I’m new to MarginNote 3 and have been quite impressed with it so far. I’m still on the 14-day trial but will probably get both the iPad and Mac version.

I’m reading a PDF/book in which highlights I make are automatically added to a MindMap notebook. However, there are some highlights that I don’t want added, highlights that I make simply because they are interesting to see when re-reading but nothing important for a MindMap notebook. Is there a way to have certain highlights not become part of the MindMap notebook?

Welcome to the amazing MarginNote :slight_smile:

If you turn off Auto Add to Mind Map under the gear icon at the top of your document then highlights won’t automatically be added, however you will have to click “+ Add to Mind Map” on the command bar after making a highlight for them to be added to the mind map.

Yes, I figured that.

However, most of the time I want it to be auto added.

So is there a way to remove certain auto-added notes in the MindMap notebook without also removing the highlight in the document itself? I tried this and I may be performing it incorrectly, but each time I remove an note in the MindMap notebook, the corresponding highlight also goes away in the document.

I seem to remember disconnecting a node from the highlight but after looking again I don’t see any way to do that. Either I was using another program or I somehow stumbled across the feature accidentally. Hopefully one of the support folk are able to answer this. If the feature to disconnect a node from a highlight isn’t in the project then it should be.

Thank you for looking! Much appreciated :slight_smile:
I’m hoping for a solution.

So my specific situation is that in the midst of reading the introduction to this book, the authors go about saying what each chapter does (a summary). Then it said if you don’t want to know the framework of our approach but rather just dive into the stories, you can skip Chapter 1, but if you are a student in a class that uses this book, you might not ace the course if you skip this chapter!

I thought that was kinda funny. This is NOT a textbook. So I wanted to highlight that text for future giggles, but it is totally unimportant for my use of this book :slight_smile: