Horizontal and vertical layout in one mindmap

It would be great to have the possibility to decide for each node if the following nodes should be in horizontal or vertical layout. That would make organizing much easier.



Well, it would bring some problem about the mindmap arrange. As you can see, the nodes in marginnote are arranged automatically. What kind of mindmap would you like to make? It will be better if you give me a draft about your ideal mindmap.

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Oh YES !!

I would LOVE this - is how I use SimpleMind

If not in the same mindmap could you allow it so that different mindmap (including child mindmaps) can have different order settings . For example the default can be set in the main app settings and for each indvidual mindmap you can chang e the settings. The only problem I see is when referencing sections of a minimally in another mindmap I guess you could have the app automatically rearrange the referred nodes to the settings on the current mindmap they are in instead of the original .

Also it would be interesting to see other arrangements. Like in Mindoro you can have the main hierarchy be spiral and then each subsection be vertical. Maybe this can be done through a template in my instrad of implementing a billion new features to allow it .