How can I sync iCloud?

I am supposing some situation.
I lose my iPad and someone get my iPad and delete ‘Margin Note 3’.
Then, can I restore all data including Doc, MindMap, Deck?
I tested this situation.
I just deleted and reinstalled ‘Margin Note 3’.
As a result, all the original PDF files were restored from iCloud.
The files were very clean.
Note(Doc, Mindmap), Deck were not restored.
Is this normal? or is there something wrong?

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@Bryan_Support-Team Have a look

Hello, Boonga,

I’m really really really sorry that I ignore your post. :sob:

If you have selected MarginNote 3 in your iCloud Drive. You can find your synced Notebook(Doc, Mindmap) and Card Deck in “Cloud Sync”. In normal cases, MarginNote 3 will sync your files automatically. But if you find these files aren’t restored from iCloud, please download them manually. And here are some screenshots for better understanding.

MN Support Team