How can one create a “Character List” across books?

I’d like to know how to create notebook for cataloguing characters and notes about characters that appear in various novels? Obviously, I want to keep a separate notebook for each book, but I’d like to be able to link notes or summaries to a character’s name as they appear in multiple books, perhaps simply listing where (as in chapter) they appear, much like you would see in the index at the back of a book.

For instance:
Smith, John

  • The Murder of XYZ (#MainCharacter; all chapters)
  • The Case of the ABC (#MainCharacter; all chapters)
  • The Space Book (#Mentioned; Chapter 7; link)
  • The Undersea Adventure (#SupportingCharacter; first appearance Chapter 3; link)
  • The Second Undersea Adventure (#Mentioned; Chapter 8; link)
  • The Final Adventure of Smith (#MainCharacter; all chapters)
  • The Adventure Collection (#MainCharacter; Chapter: Short Story “The Hero Saves the Day”, link)

Perhaps if one could create a “Character Index” notebook that is separate from the regular notebook and then link multiple books to that index, highlighting names as you come across them and then linking them to the listing in the Index.

This way if I run across “John Smith” in another book or story, I can link it to the Character Index notebook, find Smith, John’s listing and add the new reference.

This would also work with terminology or other narrowly defined things you might wish to catalog across multiple volumes separate from all your book-specific notes.

It would also save on notebook file size.