How do I emphasise the note title?

Is there a way to emphasise the note title?

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I’m sorry that I can’t understand your question. Could you please describe your question in more detail.

If you want to emphasize the whole card, MarginNote3 provides a method to change the color of these cards. You can set up a color marking system according to your own preference. For instance, red—important; yellow — neutral; green — unimportant. After classifying cards with different colors, it will also be convenient for you to search for notes that you have highlighted by clicking the magnifying glass icon.

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@Bryan_Support-Team There is no option to emphasise note titles?

Hi Rebs,

I see. If you want to emphasize note titles, you can do following things: tap the bottom left “…” >>> click settings >>> note style. So that you can change the title properties (fonts and uppercase).

I believe pictures speak louder than words. And I hope the following pictures will promote your understanding.

If you still have some problems or suggestions , please tell me.Thanks again.

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@Bryan_Support-Team the marker felt font doesn’t transfer when exported to Evernote, it shows as a link, this means all title notes have to be rewritten, which is a waste of time.
MarginNote needs serious fixing for soo many basic features and frankly I am tried of MarginNote.
I don’t understand why the emphasise tool can’t be used to bold note titles???