How sad.. it is so easy to do ai, margin note just lost everything

been asking for requests for years that would of kept them on top.

now all the new AI mindmaps, chat gpts, multi document systems and you can RAG documents and mindmap them…

Its so crazy… I wont say where … for respect for Marginnote

Really sad…
If you do the following you will rule this space:

  1. Batch file processing, index all
  2. Ability to extract RAG method topics from books or research papers
  3. Ability to make a mind map and ask questions regarding the map to GPT 4 with your API key, or ability to utilize a local LLM that can have contribution, to others.
  4. With mind map, you create a algorithm that creates the local LLM to learn from the API key in the reslts. What does this do, creates. a smarter system for everyone in Margin note community. You see the mind map tool can be the one that can help correct the wrong answers or incomplete, in order to create a better MArgin note model

This is for free, for more intelligent people.

You are so right about it. the LLM is really penetrating every area of study and research.

Marginnote has always been special and has great potential and has cult like user following. But their ability to delay the new Marginnote 4 is really depressing.