How to ci̇te wi̇th mn?

i wonder how users or developers or anybody CİTE as they are using only MN ?

(((((after the mind map is exported as word (docx file)))))))))


No feedback my very old post

it seems like no one is using Mn as referange manager


You can check out this workflow forum article

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Support Team

WHY it is not english ? especially the videos inside it ?

is it workeble with ipad os ?


This workflow cannot be used on an iPad

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Support Team

i wont ask as when.

at least can you make a small video or screen share about how you create citation and bibiliography with MN BUT ENGLİSH explanation on mac ?

for example start with basic citation and export the word document and finalize with edits

so as a english know users understand how you make it !

it is so important subject

unfortunatelly i got only ipad

and i want to still keep using ipad but make citations as well.

is there any workaround or solution ?


No, even zotero cannot be referenced on ipad

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Support Team

Can’t you make simple video ?
İf i find easy i LL buy MacBook and start over

even jenni ai can take the biblography from ipad !!!
u just upload pdf, it find automaticly the refence of paper with ai tools.

you can conncet office 365 to mendeley account and upload your pdf s as well on ipad

you can use endnode with ipad

and so on…

you are not just trash when talking with customers you are also black illiterate when it comes the finding excuses !