How to create a new document

I’m quite new to this app and I’ve got my final residency exams approaching in a month, I want to read the pdfs, annotate them, while simultaneously being able to write down the important points on a notebook side by like in the split document view format. But the thing is first of all, new document can’t be created and even if I do so by adding another pdf and then keep on adding pages to it so that I can write down whatever I want and later on remove the pages from the original document, this app keeps giving various names to this other document whenever I add a page. This is very confusing for me and exhaustive to delete all these duplicate documents with names MNE018 etc

The other issue I want tackled is the ability to move the snapshot within the study format, like from the one document to the other, not just within a page, and also from researched google page to the documents.
Can anyone help?

And I noticed afterwards that if this new document which was tried to be newly created and had written notes, would disappear if you try to dissociate it from the study format. I mean, why can’t it exist as an independent document once edited and worked on, after the dissociation from study format?


Sorry for the late reply!

Now, if you have updated to MarginNote 3.7, you can create a child mindmap and can write on the mindmap. Hopefully that can help you with your issue.

As to the second point, can you explain a little in detail? Thanks!

Kind Regards,
Support Team