How to delete node with keyboard key (delete key)

Purchased margin note (regrettably) for the Mac and using on a MacBook Pro.

Is it not possible to delete nodes using the delete key on the keyboard ? or am I missing something here?

Instead the only way to delete is to mouse click the trash button on the pop up context menu ?

It is possible to copy and paste using keyboard shortcuts but the delete key has no effect, why is this not considered important ?

This seems like the most basic function for any software but for some reason the margin note team does not consider this important ?

If this is the case it is truly baffling and unacceptable. I spent 8500rs (A large amount in my country) and seriously regretting the purchase. @Support-Team

Probably the same reason you can’t delete a file in the finder by pressing the delete key alone. It’s hard to see, with all the noise, if your insertion point is in a text field or not and inadvertently deleting a node could be very disastrous (how about the whole branch of a tree because you pressed delete on a parent?)

Instead, MarginNote, like Finder, forces you to press Command-Delete to delete a node. This prevents accidental node deletion much like Finder requires you to do the same to prevent you from accidentally deleting a file (when you thought, maybe, that you were editing the file name).

Technically, from a UX perspective, it’s equivalent to differentiating the “text editing function” of a key from the “file system” function of a key (like Command-X or Command-Y have to be used rather than just X or Y.)


Thankyou very much for your help. As a windows user new to Mac (Got a Mac for the sole purpose MarginNote is not available on Windows) I was not aware of this logic for deleting files in the finder as well. This makes sense, since being a Windows user it was not my first instinct to investigate modifier keys. However, using Marginnote I had tried variations of modifier keys with the delete key to no effect. After reading your reply, by chance, I tried the command modifier with the “backspace” key and it did work. So just to recap deleting nodes with the keyboard requires the use of command + backspace.

As a thought, with the amount of hours users spend using margin note, It would be beneficial to allow users to map custom keys for such commands, this would make for a much better user experience, as is common practise in many softwares.

In truth, I’m disappointed by margin note in several areas, where very basic features are not available, and coming across a lot of limitations. So I automatically assumed not being able use the keyboard to delete nodes was another one of these limitations. I was mistaken in this case. Thank you for correcting me and for your help. Very much appreciate it.