How to disconnect two nodes?

Say I have two excerpts as nodes in the mindmap, A and B. Say A is the parent of B, so it looks like A->B. How do I disconnect B from A so B is shown as a standalone node? The only way I could find is to click on “select”, then click on the note, then click on “more”, then “remove from mindmap to unadded state”, then add it back to the mindmap again. It seems like way too much effort for a simple operation. Is there any better way of doing this?

Long pressing drag? There seem to be few options there.
Drag as reference
Drag as two way link etc. Try smthng there

what are you talking about?

Let me confirm that i understood your question correctly. So you are saying you have two DIFFERENT nodes in the mind map. You have connected both and A is the parent of B.
Now u wish to unlink them? Is this what u wish to do?

Above the select button there is “drag” button. Keep that button pressed for sm seconds you will get multiple options. Try using one of the options from there or learn more about it. I hope it helps

They’re not “linked”. They are just a vanilla pair of parent and child.

Like this:

K i think i got your question now
You can keep the child note held (long press) and on top you should see “float”
Drag the child node there. It shud disconnect from parent.

Hope it helps

It is not available in focus mode.

@Relight_Support-Team @Faizangmc Thank you for your reply. This is exactly what I wanted to ask. This “float” feature is plain useless for large mindmaps. It only works for cards near edges and can’t be used in focused mode. I found “cut” then “paste to parent” works much better. A card should be allowed to “float” when dragged far enough from its parent, not all the way outside of the boundary.

Hello, in the upcoming update 3.7, using pencil gestures, you can remove the connection between cards by drawing a dash on the connection line.

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