How to free upgrade MN3 to MN4


Actually you need to keep MN3 app downloaded on your device. Open the “Purchase Options” menu at MN4 and you’ll find the upgrade button. Then the MN4 app will call MN3 app up in order to get your purchase information. After that, the MN3 will call MN4 up and a free in-app purchase request from AppStore will pop up just like you download any app from it.

Hope my description useful💜

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how about for those who bought from web version? Not app in-app purchase?

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I remember noticing on other media platform, which a user said that the officials said:

“As purchase made on web didn’t leave a receipt at AppStore, it’ll need an account function to link things together. However, the function is still in test so there’ll be another 2-3 months before you can make the upgrade. “

(I’m NOT a stuff so just take this as reference plz):purple_heart:

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The requirement that you “keep MN3” on your device because MN4 will randomly in the future check for a legitimate copy of MN3 reeks of distrust in the user and paranoia on the part of the company. The user experience, should that user get a new Mac, will require the user to get MN3, restore purchases, get MN4, restore purchases, just to install a single app.

Seriously, did they not even consider the user experience in this process?

Anyway, I don’t like complaining so I’ll leave it at that.

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I totally agree :rofl: as they’ve created a purchase history in AppStore, why not check it like any other apps?

Anyway I’ve deleted MN3 both on my iPad and MacBook and nothing seems to happen. (Maybe it’s just because the “random” hasn’t happened yet🫨)

Hope they can realize this problem one day, or at the day that I’m asked to reinstall MN3, I’ll report it on the forum😎

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