How to go for MN3 teachers friendly

Handwriting: while sharing Ipad screen to whiteboard class, teachers need to write at decent zoom level while students need to follow the demonstration at a different zoom level.

“Writing zoom level” is to close for students to follow the demonstration and take notes.
“Reading zoom level” is to large for comfortable handwriting

I recommend to add:

  • a “zoom box” just like Notability app so that teachers can write
  • and a “casting mode” that does not display the “zoom box” to audience.

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Julien, physics teacher.


We have receive similar needs of classroom teaching from a math teacher last year. He shows us a real-world usage scenario, in a screencast, that he lectures on mathematical problems with combination of prepared mind-map for teacher and card content editor for students. Based on that, he demands a different zoom level of mind-map and car content editor.Unlike this mathematical teacher, you seem to wanna a different zoom level of PDF.
So would you please show your real-world scenario with a screencast and illustration? It will be hugely helpful for redesign of presentation model.

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Support Team

Thank you for your anwser.

Here is the scenario: I have a very short demonstration that shows how to use the “kinetic energy theorem” in a simple situation. Students have to remember it to be able to use it in more difficul applications. So I write the solution on whiteboard and they have to write it down. Most of them use paper.

If I want to do the same thing using Ipad and MN3 I get the problem mensionned at the begining of the topic.

Here is the desired “reading zoom level”

Here is my “writing zoom level”. No one can follow the demonstration at this size. And writing is not so comfortable since I have to scroll every 3 - 4 words written.

Here is what I do using Notability when teaching have to takes place online (because of Covid for example). I can confortably write in the zoom box at the bottom (the box automatcally follow writing) and students have the whole demonstration on the upper part of the screen.

I’m interested in using MN3 to do this to include the demonstration in the lesson mindmap. In order to help students to see how it is related to the big picture.

Hope this scenario helps to see what teachers would need.

I understand from your answer that such feature has already been documented.
Could you tell me if a step forward in that direction is already planed for near future release?



Thanks for letting me know about Notability and this @jj4. I am a 54 year old Bachelor’s degree student who runs the study group for my class and am also prepping to teach. This opens so many doors for me. I didn’t know I could screencast my iPad to a meeting until your post inspired me to look it up. This is life changing!

Still trying to see how I can set my zoom level independently in Notability but that sounds awesome. (Figured it out thanks to you being clear, the zoom mode at the bottom)

So @Support-Team , what the OP is referring to is that some note taking apps allow for a ZOOMED portion at the bottom of the screen (GoodNotes, Notability, etc…). This seems like a large change for MN which isn’t (sadly for many) focused on a writing app like those others are. This zoomed portion of the screen has a LOT of code behind it (auto advance, zoom level, it’s complicated to implement but should be standard for handwriting apps for sure)

So the OP has a need which is defined by a feature in other apps which isn’t directly related to the need, it’s just a nice side effect. Still, I’m in agreement with the OP that some solution is needed cause being able to use this in study groups online would be stellar. I’d be inclined to zoom in, write, then zoom out so that students could review what was written in context. That doesn’t seem like a huge inconvenience honestly, but I don’t teach horrible formulaic things :wink: .


Currently, we do plan a relevant research project around Group Presentation and Lecture with SharePlay.
If you're interested in taking part, please let me know, I'll flag you as interested for future opportunities. In the not so distant future, we will message you and carry out the originative exploring experiment as the basis of redesign.

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Support Team

Thank you for your answer.
I’m very interested in contributing to exploration of every marginnote usage in teaching context.

Best regards



Thanks in advance. I have flagged you as interested.

Kind Regards,
Support Team