How to hide children 'excerpts' in review mode?


I have noticed that notes of children excerpts were displayed on the back of any ‘parent’ card in review mode. Is there an simple method to hide them ?

These parents-children links between excerpt are quite handy to organize my mindmaps, but I would like to hide them in review mode since they show the answer to the next questions! (see picture above )

(I can’t delete them like other comments and I can’t find any option in the setting)

I don’t use header on my card for two reasons:
1 - to save plenty of time (I create a lot of cards)
2 - the text to fill ends up as a comment: I would need to append each card manually to ensure this ‘comment’ appears on the front side in review mode).

I know there is also a mode ‘recall’ in study/read mode, but I really want to use the flashcard system to ensure I have retained all the information!

Hopefully there is an easy way to solve this.
Thank you !

Hello, orihmay. Unfortunately, there is currently no better option than to put a title on the card to avoid seeing the answers to other cards in advance when reciting the flashcard.

But after a while, we will develop the JS interface in a subsequent release, when marginnote will support users to write their own relevant scripts to customize their own workflow. If you know javascript, it might be possible to write a script for adding titles in bulk, just as anki’s plugin supports modifying the fields of a large number of cards in bulk at once.