How to highlight PDF to make Tiltle in Card

Everytime I excerpt by selecting a text, it goes to the body content of the notes card. Is there way for me to have it go to the Tiltle of the card instead of the body/comments area.

The teacher give out questions list. I want to make cards out of the list of questions with it being the title or front of the flash cards. Then I will add comment/body for the back of the card.

It is now cumbersome, as I have to select the text, then edit the card body to copy it to the title and then delete it from the body…


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in desperation, searched forum noticed there is an extension out just for this. 【MN Official Add-on】#Ver.1.0#Autotitle : excerpt title automation - an efficient assistant for beautifying brain maps and title links

Hello, yes, this can be done through plugins.

kindly explain how we can use it

with a little help I found out how it works:

there are some extensions/addons available. They work for IOS and MAC.

  1. You find extensions here:

  2. Download the mnaddon-files/ open the files in the ios-browser, choose Marginnote3 to open this file…

  3. After that the Addon/Extension will appear in the 3…dot- area, in Extensions.

  4. need to restart