【MN Official Add-on】#Ver.1.0#Autotitle : excerpt title automation - an efficient assistant for beautifying brain maps and title links


With it, whether you turn on “show title only” in the brain map menu, zoom in and out in the outline area to see the whole picture, or turn on the title link for knowledge interconnection, enjoy your beautiful notes right now.

Add-on Download:

——————Build 1.1 ——————
autotitle.mnaddon (3.4 KB)
Updated notes.

Method of use.

1, update MN to version and above
2, download or Airdrop to your local MN, select “Copy to MarginNote to open” in the Apple “Share” menu.
3, if the add-on is updated, then when prompted that the add-on already exists, choose to replace
4, Add-on can be managed in the home menu, after opening the learning mode will float the add-on button

P.S. Show title effect only

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I’m not entirely sure what this add-on does. I loaded it in and I can see it in my list of addons on the home screen, but I don’t see any difference in the look of my maps or the functionality of the app when I have the add-on toggled on vs off. could you post more examples of what the add-on does and how to use it? thanks! can’t wait to see how addons will make MN3 even better!

I figured it out, very cool little tool, only major suggestion I have is having a hotkey to toggle the extension on/off quickly rather than having to make the mouse movement over to hit the button each time (sucks on big screens/external displays) other than that maybe being able to set default colors for the generated title node but really a hot key is the only big thing this add-on needs

Same problem here…could you explain a little bit more? Thx

I think the fix for me was shutting MN completely down and then restarting it. the button you should be looking for can be seen in the developers first picture underneath the “manage” tab, its the white tab on the right hand of the screen near the top that says “H1”, you click it and it toggles the add-on on/off. if you see the H1 button then the add-on should be loaded and functional.

if you’ve followed all the creators instructions and not seeing the button try restarting MN or if that doesn’t work restart the whole computer and hopefully it shows up next time you start MN

Gracias Papi_gordo!

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Thanks for this. Great add-on!

This is a great improvement and desperately needed. Using the add-on I have a suggestion. A simpler implementation would be to when you excerpt the content to card, you can hit an Option/control key with the mouse button, toggle between, Title or content info.

Similarly, the same function can be done with when you drag or create a node, maybe a toggle option/control/alt with button click would make it toggle between child, parent, sibling note. This would be so much more efficient, instead of clicking buttons back and forth and switching modes. or dragging multiple times to make child or sibling node, or merge…


I agree. While this is a big step in the right direction, if it were easier to toggle via keyboard then that would be great.

I think the suggestion to use modifier keys is a good one.

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Hey, @Lanco_Support-Team

Is there any possibility of having the autotitle feature toggle while holding down a modifier key? E.g. to have it turn on while holding down Option or Command?

Having to click to toggle is inconvenient.

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No support at this time, we’ll look into the feasibility.

Same problem here. I haven’t been able to figure it out. Could someone please provide a little explanation about what does it do and how to use it?


Is it possible to turn existing content notes into titles and vice versa?

Finally figured it out. Thanks papi_gordo.Its H1 button :p.

Brief, albeit long-winded demonstration of the add-on for those who may not understand the purpose of it. The add-on auto-populates excerpts by assigning the highlighted text as the heading.

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I like this add-on, BUT…

(yes, it’s a big “but”)

it is only adding a feature that already existed before and had been removed.

Why was it was removed from previous versions of the app? And now it has a floating “H1” button that is very distracting. On PDF with full-page images, it obscures the corner of the screen. Can’t we dock it into the top menu bar? or make it disappear? We don’t need to see it at all times. It merely needs to be an option in the settings menu.

It is very annoying for such a small feature. Even if I turn it off is forever on the screen. I don’t want to uninstall it, but I don’t want to see it all the time.

I second both the like and the but…

Please add a ‘on press’ toggle like keeping the option key pressed or cmd key pressed etc. Clicking it is very inefficient method.