How to insert a Math keyboard for margin notes?

I’m having trouble with the excertation of slides from my statistics course. I do have several math keyboards installed, but every time I try to add an equation, for example a pi or a root formula, I get weird symbols in return, question marks and boxes and stuff. To change this manually takes a lot of time. Does anyone have tips for this perhaps? I have scrolled trough all the settings but have not spotted something, but maybe im looking in the wrong direction:)
Thanks lots for your time!

Hi Marithalie,

MN 3 isn’t added latex support yet. (Although MN 2 has latex support.) It’s suggested to use Handwriting or insert pictures generated from mathpad.

I’m curious about what’s the math keyboards you’re using, I could make some tests about its symbol rendering issues. Maybe we cloud fix it.

Support Team

Aha okay well if you could discuss making that work that would be great! I have mathkey, which also allows the handwriting thing, nuten and scikey in case mathkey doesnt work. But if you could check the symbol issue that would be great! Thanks lots!

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