How to introduce a pdf file with notes made in one study into another study

I’m still new to marginnote. Now I need work on several subject, for which I set up different study file for each subject. One pdf files, which was used in one study, also need to be used in another study because I need to make more notes on this pdf file based on other subjects. However, the notes I made on pdf file in previous study were lost when they are introduced in this new study. I noticed that the pdf file file has several layers on them if they are used in different study. The notes I made only exists in the study(layer) which created them. So I assume that not only the blank(Original) pdf file, but the notes made in some layer should also be introduced into a new study(layer) if I want to continually made notes on this pdf file in other studies. I don’t know if there there’s any way to to that or there is better flowchart could help to achieve that purpose. Thanks!

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Only by exporting the mindmap of that pdf to the notebook wanted
But the highlight page with no excerpts won’t be transferred
Hope support team can do something about it

Yeah, hopefully they could improve at this point!


Thanks for your suggestions. This makes sense! We will discuss your needs and hopefully, we could improve this.

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